Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend workouts are done

Weekends are always longer workouts, longer bike on Saturday, longer run on Sunday. I was so excited to have a group ride without attacks this week. JR and some other guys were racing at the Tour of the Gila, so I was hoping for a nice and steady pace.
Who knew, after an entire week of almost no wind, that on Saturday (just like the last Saturdays) the wind would blow like crazy? Why always on Saturday? Friday was was calm...but I kept telling myself that it is good practice.

We were only about 8 or 9 people at the group ride, me and one more girl, the rest guys. Alright, off we go. About 20 min into the ride a guy attacks (who what why? those were my thoughts). And in cycling if you don't pay close attention, that person is far ahead in no time. I was the only person on a TT bike, so I said: I'll get him!!!

I felt super strong and pulled the group back to the guy all by myself:-) But the counter attack was coming...another guy sprinted by (some guys think its mean to attack right after a girl pulled...I say: BRING IT ON!!!)

So 3 guys got away and me and two other guys chased. Up the weekly KOM, called the steps (3 steps, then a false flat, the the steepest hill). We are chsing, but knew we couldn't catch the 3 ahead before the KOM anymore. So one of the guys attacked me on the last and steepest part (right after "a girl" pulled again:-) thoughts: NO WAY...this is my hill, you are not going to finish in front of me no matter what...even if I puke on top!!! So I did it, I dropped him and took 4th!!! That was fun and I got some: what, you are already here looks from some guys:-) HA!!! Love it.

We waited for the rest of the group but never saw them again.

After the ride 20 min transition run - yeah, I didn't feel that good anymore. Hard pulls and sprints on the bike can kill your legs, that's why in a Tri = nice and steady but hard pace:-) But those group rides are simulated races which make you so much stronger.

Today was a long run which felt like forever. I am doing about 95 % of my training by myself, which sometimes can be really frustrating. Noone to talk to, hard track workouts are tougher because there is noone to cheer you on. Crazy. I wish some triathletes, runners or cyclists would move to Flagstaff. I got the run done, in beautiful perfectly warm weather...but it was hard out in the middle of nowhere by myself...:-(

It can get very frustrating not to have anyone in town who knows what it means to be a full time athlete. Everyone has work that comes first and skipping a workout is not a big deal, but if sports is what you do full time, there is no such thing as skipping a workout, partying all night long or going to hike the Grand Canyon during race season. I love being a full time athlete and would not want to change it for anything, but please, someone move to Flag who is also a full time athlete:-) Please:-) PRETTY PLEASE!!!

On another note I am so proud of JR, who has made Levi Leipheimer's and Lance Armstrong's live very hard in the last week during the Tour of the Gila. Guess who was in a break? JR. Guess who had to chase him? Levi Leipheimer, Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis,... I am so proud of him. Check out velonews for some great pictures of the Tour of the Gila or just click on the links below to see my man:


elizabeth said...

I SOOO wish I could move to Flagstaff and train full time with you!!! I wouldn't give you that much to chase after, more like I would be chasing after you all the time which would be great for me and not so great for you :-) I will see what I can do about getting up there on a fairly regular basis. What races are you doing this year? I think I may have just added Rhode Island 70.3 to my schedule to give myself another chance at qualifying for Kona this year. BUT, I need to ask Coach Jen about that before I put the money down. Let me know your schedule!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

I can imagine that it WOULD be tough being a full time pro - but hang in there... you will get SO MUCH STRONGER mentally from training a lot on your own. You won't always have someone to race with you during the tough parts of a triathlon. It may be lonley now - but you'll be SO MUCH stronger for it... WOW - great cycling pics. He's INCREDIBLE!!!!