Saturday, February 20, 2010

North Dakota adventures

JR and I got to ND Thursday evening. If you think you are in a cold place...come here and try ND!!!

We watched a women's icehockey game which was super fun to watch and very impressive.

Yesterday was a treadmill day with 11.5 miles on the treadmill. I think even if I would wear everything that I brought with me, I would still be cold running outside.
JR has been working like a crazy man on restoring our VESPA (soooo is metallic blue and silver and we will ride it for our wedding :-)

The pool here is amazing. It is a 50 m pool. Unfortunately it is only open Wednesday and Sunday for the puplic, but you can bet to find me there tomorrow. The best part about this huge pool...not the underwater radio...not the 1-person per lane is completely FREE. But to be honest, I would prefer it if the pool would cost money but be open every day!!!

Wedding preparations have been going well. Friday, May 7th it is. It will be more like a get together of Families (mine includes 7 people, JR's about 70). It will be fun.

Now I am off to hit the treadmill again, this time not soooo long, but with weights afterwards.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valley of the Sun Stage Race

TT, RR and Crit...with a bunch of REALLY good riders, like the Metromint and Simple Green Girls...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

JR and I drove 3 hours straight to get to the TT, out of the car and onto the bikes. I actually managed to warm up for about 20 min, then it was GO time for the 14 mile TT. I tried to go all out. Plan worked. I was really sore and tired that night. I ended up 4th place, which I was more then happy with. My new CEEPO likes to go FAST!!!

RR: 57 miles with 40 women. Pushing...not cool. I realized how much I love Triathlon during this race. There was a lot of "illegal" stuff going on, from crossing the yellow line to pushing. The entire field ended up staying together (maybe because we got neutralized 4 times!!!). Just like other girls I tried to attack but everything got chased down. Doing a Halfironman seems easier then this 57 mile ride. I was pooped!!!

Crit: Last stage. By this point everyone is (hopefully) tired. 40 min downtown Phoenix, the Crit was fast and scary but SUPER FUN!!! You could tell that this was a big race with really good competition. The race was sooooooooooo fast!!!

Nothing changed in the overall and I ended up 4th overall and best Cat 2 rider :-)

Now we are back in Flagstaff, working a lot and preparing for a trip up to North Dakota. If I think Flagstaff is cold, I can't wait to get to ND :-)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

McDowell Circuit race

As the weeks before, I escaped to Phoenix for some good training and racing. Saturday was an easy long run (which I think I should always do before races...seems to make me feel great for raceday :-), Sunday was the McDowell Circuit Race.

JR spend the weekend racing in California, so I got a ride from Pam-THANKS!!! We had a super nice homestay with our friend Janet and her husband Fin. Pam and I explored the Fountain Hills region during our run and came to the conclusion that there is NO flat spot, uphill, downhill...

Sunday was an early wake up day, Pam's race was at 7:30 am. We thought we had plenty of time, but off course we ended up being ready 15 min before her race :-(

My team, TRIBE/Allsports GPS, looked great out there!!! Our teammates are really nice and really support each other. The Cat 4 race was a big pack finish, with only a few people off the back. One brave TRIBE lady got away during the race and soloed for a few laps, but unfortunately the field caught her towards the end. She did a great job out there!!!

After the race I went for a 1 hr ride to loosen the legs with my teammates. Then Pam and I went back to the house to eat and shower (you always have to smell good when you race, right?).

Our race was at noon with the 1,2 and 3's combined. The majority was TRIBE ladies, which was a nice view at the start. My teammates had asked me if I wanted to sit in and they would do all the work and I would go at the end, but I was not sure if I had what it takes to win against the other AZ teams. So we agreed to all attack many times and whoever gets away gets away.

There were 4 primes in the race, I won the first one against another lady from AZ, and thought...mhhh...legs are feeling pretty good :-)...My teammate Megan went for the 2nd one and got it. Then, in lap 4 I went for the 3rd one, got it and opened up a gap. Now in Avondale I made the mistake and sat up and waited for the field. Not this time. I put my head down and tried to stay away. Coming around the next lap I saw the 3 to go sign. Oh oh...I kept looking back but it seemed like the gap didn't get smaller. I went and went...and ended up winning by what Pam said was about 45 sec. Approaching the finish line I took my hands off the handlebars to celebrate and was hoping that I wouldn't loose balance (hihihi, that would have been a finish)... It was great having teammates who were making sure that noone came after me. We have a very strong and powerful team for 2010 and I am very excited to see how the cycling season will develope.

Next week is the Valley of the Sun Stage Race where me and my team will do our best against riders from AZ but also from other states.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My week and the Vulture Mine TT

I can handle the cold. I actually like the cold...and a little bit of snow...but NOT ice on the roads. Riding outside is impossible. I actually road my bike to work and ended up sliding through an intersection. Luckily there were no cars.
Running is 50/50. No running in the mornings or at night, possibly from 12-3 pm :-)

Now what did that mean for last week? A TON of swimming. And off course when I am attending every practice there is, it is IM week. Butterfly here, backstroke there. My arms were hurting. But I loved it.

Saturday JR and I went to Sedona for some warmer riding and running.
Sunday we drove to Wickenburg for a 20 k TT.
The TT was one big uphill, one bog downhill, turn around and back again. No flat spots. I went out hard and tried to maintain the pace. My arms were the only things really really hurting, and it was not from pulling on the handlebars. It was from all the swimming:-)
I won the TT on my sweet Ceepo bike!!! What a great bike!!!

Next week up:
Sedona 5 k
McDowell Crit