Monday, December 20, 2010

And the cross season came to an end...

I love the cross season. AZ Cross did a great job putting on fast and challenging courses (even without mud!!!).
Last weekend were the State Championships. We had 2 AZ guests from New England (and our 3-4 usual women :-). Off course they thought it was way to hot to do cyclocross. There was a tiny but of mud on the course (it didn't even splash) and I thought it was funny to warn them..."there is a little bit of mud over there..." They just looked at me and one of them said: "Where?" She had just raced Cross Nationals in Oregon and I guess the course was just covered in mud...
The race was super fun (as always). I had to promise JR that before the 2011 cross season will start I will have functional brakes (who needs brakes...I have 4 on my bike, but only one works, there was another one that worked but the piece holding the break together fell out during the last race :-) OOOps...AND I will get brake pads too...(his usual before the 2010 races was: There are no pads left...I have never seen brakes that worn out...he is funny)
Oh well, the season is over-til next year cross bike.
Time to bake some cookies!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

70's and sunny in December...

The Phoenix live is not so bad afterall :-) I rode my bike in shorts today and the forecast for tomorrow is sunny and 70's...IN DECEMBER.

I have ridden my bike more this week then I have ever done...mhhh...yes, I think that is a true statement...OK, maybe except for one or two other weeks...or a training camp week...

However I have never done two hard days in a row-before this week :-) THAT IS A TRUE STATEMENT

After 2 years of self coaching I finally have a coach!!! I am so excited not having to try to create a plan for myself anymore...even though I have a degree in Exercise Science, I believe it is nearly impossible to coach day? Who needs a rest day? 4 races in 4 weeks? Sure!!!

So...I got to meet Nick. Nick is a great coach - nice (and mean when it comes to specific workouts), focused and observant. I always had a coach as a runner. First in my club in Germany, then in college. I trust my coach and do not question what he has me do-because I know that he has a reason for every day's workouts!!! Having a coach allows me to focus on doing the work I need to do.

Nick had athletes competing at IM AZ and he was out there supporting them all day (and my rockstar friend/teammate/first-time-IM-finisher-and-kick-ass-athlete Teri who competed in IM AZ said: he was everywhere...with good advice).

His bussiness is called Durapulse ( and is at the same location as TRIBE Multisports - which means: as an endurance fan like me, you can spend ALL DAY there!!! Super multisports store + training + science + spinning + core +... and fun people.

What you can find at Tribe/Durapulse is one of only 7 USAT certified performance centers in the Nation (if you want to read more about it go to: ).

I am super excited to be training under Nick's guidance and racing with Tribe Multisports in 2011.