Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday in one week...

...that is when JR and I are getting married!!! Crazy. The wedding with the family is in September but on Tuesday we are getting married in the Court house. Too bad my parents can't come, why is Germany so far away from here? The nice thing is that we are getting married on the same day as my parents so they can celebrate with us...kind of...just half way around the world.

Schade Mama, dass wir nicht zusammen bummeln gehen koennen:-( Ich habe aber eine Idee: vielleicht kann ich ja ein paar Hochzeitskleider fuer September aussuchen und wenn Ihr dann kommt koennen wir zusammen eins kaufen:-) Und bis dahin schicke ich einfach Bilder!!!

On top of not having my family here, JR is at a bike race for the weekend... So the next time I see him it is one day before the wedding!!! The life of athletes:-)

My immigration medical turned out being fun. Nothing scary at all. And the person drawing my blood was very happy because I filled up those tubes in no time. I was really surprised of how fast my blood was shooting into those things. While she was taking it, she told me that 90 percent of her patients are slow-blood-givers :-) Thursday I have to go back to get all the results for the different tests.

Training is in full swing as I am planning on racing at the Columbia Triathlon in May. I have never been at the race but I read that there is VERY good competition with VERY fast people. If anyone is going please let me know as I have never been to that part of the US (but I am really excited because it looks a lot like Germany).

Flagstaff has been really windy. My roommate and I were thinking about when the windy season is and we came to the following conclusion: Spring, Summer and Fall...and then Blizzards in the Winter:-) Oh well, it will just make us stronger...but grrrrrrrrr...I wish it would just stop every once in a while...

The pool was super empty today, I loved it. My own lane, noone else around me. So I could focuse on stroke and glide for a set of 1*3000m, then drills and cooldown. NICE:-) Open water swims will probably start in a week or two.

The rest of the week will be a lot of training while JR and my Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus Team are in Silver City, NM, racing at the Tour of the Gila. The race has TONS of climbing and descents in it. I know that they will all do great. Good luck to everyone out there!!! And teh AVIA Wildflower race is coming up. Good luck also to my AVIA teammates out there. I will be at home cheering and following everything online:-)

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