Thursday, May 21, 2009

It is a miracle:-)

It really is a miracle, but I went to morning swim practice 2 times this week. I didn't have much of a choice since the T/Th evening swims were cancelled:-) Let me tell you it is tough doing a swim workout back to back: Monday night, Tuesday morning, Wednesday night, Thursday morning...and this morning we ended up doing VO2 stuff:-) WOW. Arms=jelly. But showing tiredness was out of the question: the Danish and Australian Natl Swim teams are here, swimming next to those guys made me wanna show NO weakness!!! It worked for the most part...and I think for the first time I pushed myself to what-felt-like-muscle-failure...I have done it running and biking, but I am glad that I got it done in swimming as well, it felt great to be so super tired!!!

As far as the rest of the training goes: the week has been great with a great 2*Snowbowl workout on Tuesday, a great Track workout on Wednesday and all the swimming. The rest of today is easy, with a 2 hr ride coming up this afternoon and a transition run.

I am thinking about racing at the ITU Pacto Championship race in Austin on Monday, but I just got the confirmation from Germany that I CAN race, but it is so close to the race (Thursday is not that far from Monday:-), so i am not sure if I should. No travel arrangements are made not sure yet...mhhh...can you tell that my head is going: I should...should not...should...?

I am registered for the BOISE 70.3 which should be a lot of fun. Now that one is on June 13th and ALL the arragements are done:-)

Tomorrow I am planning on soing some open water practice for the first time this season, it should be fun, hopefully the Thunder and Lightning which we have had every day this week, will not come until after we are done.

Lightning is so much more scary at 7000 ft then it is at sea level. I blame it on being closer to the sky:-)

Off to some shopping, napping, eating and then back to work aka training!!!

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