Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ahhh, nice to sit on the couch:-)

...after a beautiful day with good training. I have been getting uo early every morning to go for a morning run. How beautiful to run in the forest at 6 am, nice and cool, lots of animals jumping around...and then get home and have breakfast and a well deserved coffee.

I am not a fan of getting out of bed as it is so nice in there, but I have to admit that running in the morning is one of the best things ever. I feel refreshed, satisfied, because I already did something productive and I can enjoy my day so much more.

After the morning run it was time to replant my veggie garden from inside pots to outside dirt. That was a strength workout, shuffeling is exhausting!!! But all the tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini,...are relocated and I hoe they enjoy the sun...and I hope that it stays around the typical 40 degrees at night:-)

Planting took longer then expected so my bikeworkout got done between 12 and 3pm:-) Good training in the sun. Snowbowl 5min repeats - felt great!!!

Then I was off for run #2 with Pam, which was also great!!!
Done for today and now off to get some ice cream with JR, refueling for an am track workout with Pam!!!


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