Thursday, October 14, 2010

No more resting

My puppy is turning into a water dog!!! Finally.

Springer Spanies are not only supposed to be water dogs but also bird hunting dogs. For the first year of Jack's life: water...not interested...birds...not interested...oh and bringing things back:really not interested!!!
But since we moved to Phoenix he has been loving the water!!! I swam at Bartlett Lake the other day and JR was standing on shore with Jack. I was about 200m from shore and all of the sudden Jack decides he wasnts to come see me :-) Good boy!!!
Also he loves ot go in the pool all of the sudden!!!
We are still waiting on the bird interest!!!
On the dangerous animals in the desert side:

I saw my first scorpion...CREEPY...he was in our yard hiding under flour pots...a few screams later he was gone and I am hoping not to see any more!!!

On the training side:
Things are great!!! I am getting my mileage up on the bike(thanks to all the great group ride you can do in Phoenix), in the pool and RUNNING!!!

Last week I went to the weekly rides from GAINEY VILLAGE, with the Tuesday ride being 2 hrs and the Thursday ride being 2.5 hrs...then on Saturday I rode the BOS ride, which was just over 3 hours with lots of power (60 guys and me:-)...but it was not enough for the week. On Sunday JR and I drove to South Mountain and did the South Mountain ride, which includes about 45 min of warm up, 1 hr of all out sprinting (and I couldn't resist to attack), then a 7 mile climb up SOuth Mountain and another 45 min back to the on Monday my legs were a little tired.

I also did my first Temporun yesterday and it felt great!!!

The rest season in Phoenix is up and the built phase has begun. The season here in the valley starts in December with some Halfmarathons and continues to build from there with running and cycling!!!

And not to forget:
The AZ CYCLOCROSS races start NEXT WEEK!!! With a 2 day event in Flagstaff!!! WHohoooooooooooo!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally...Fall has arrived

It has happened...temps are down. Life is back to normal (almost...the alarm still goes off at 5 am).

Saturday and Sunday where the last hot days with temperatures of 106 - which made the Tour de Scottsdale a little harder then usual. I decided last minute to race the Crit on Saturday. I was sick for a week, but I could not pass on this-a crit in my town? I AM IN. Well, two laps into the race I realized it might not have been the smartest idea:-) I took one hard pull to help out my teammate and I was in no man's land...Megan was in front, the rest almost one lap behind me, so I just stayed where I was. I felt more sick on Saturday night again, so no racing for me on Sunday. Instead I was in the feed zone supporting everyone :-)

Eric (JR's teammate) flatted with about 10 miles to go. Since it was a charity race (haha) there was no wheel support...JR gave Eric his front wheel and off he went to win the race!!!

Made me wonder if that would ever happen on a female team :-)

Today (Thursday), I finally felt better and was able to go out to the Thursday group ride. It was fun!!! And a beautiful 65 degrees!!! Aftrewards I was off to get scraped at Endurance Rehab-it is amazing what they have done for me, they have been scraping me for about 6 weeks now!!!

I might even attempt to race at the Prospector Triathlon this weekend!!!