Sunday, May 10, 2009

My wedding week

What a week!!! Here we go:

my immigration medical is over, but at the doctors office I find out that I have to get 4 more immunizations. So I drive the scooter over to the clinic and get my shots. I also got some "warning" papers.
1st shot: side effects:.....bla...tiredness....fever.....bla...
2nd shot: side effects.....bla...tiredness...fever...bla...
3rd shot: side effects...bla...tiredness...fever...bla...
4th shot: side effects...bla...tiredness...fever...bla...
So my chances of getting a fever or being super tired all week were great. Here is a shot of my left arm after getting the shots:-)

The nurse said not to drive back...yeah, right, those shots are not going to do anything. But it did hit me at swimming that evening (flip turns without being able to touch the wall, then I couldn't lift my left arm anymore,...they did not mention I couldn't do sports:-)
From Monday on until Saturday, I fell asleep everywhere. Bed off course, couch, in the car, on the patio, ... I had to cut my training back by A LOT, because I was too tired to do long runs or rides and by Tuesday I was unable to swim, because I could not lift my left arm at all anymore...

Tuesday, the wedding day:
JR and I went to the court house on the scooter to pick up the license:

70 bucks and you can get married in Flag:-)

We went back home, went for a little run, got showerd and changed. At 4:30 pm we started walking to the court house. Here is a pic from before the wedding...
Our judge was super nice. She talked for about 10 min (don't even ask me what she said, I cannot remember). Then we had to repeat after her (also no clue what I even said). I am glad she talked for a while because I was sooo nervous and about ready to cry:-)
OVER!!! We are married!!!

Our wedding crew!!!

Then we went out for dinner, at Flagstaff's Brix Restaurant, voted one of the 10 best restaurants in the US!!!
We had some delicious steak and fish, a cheese platter (yummie), cheesecake and chocolate cake adn wine. So gooooooooooooooood:

After the dinner, we went from bar to bar (it was also cinqo de mayo), got invited by everyone!!! I also scored a sombrero:-)

We had a lot of fun and it was so exciting. Now we ahve a few months to plan our church wedding in September with all the family members included. It was a really nice day. It would have been perfect if my parents could have been here...
We went out for breakfast with JR's mom, dad, uncle and aunt, then did some sight seeing. No swimming, and noooooooo touching my arm. When is it going to stop hurting?
Drive to Phoenix to drop off JR's parents at the airport after waking up at night totally sweaty, probably a fever. We were there 45 min before the flight. But it was too late. They were not allowed to board their airplane to Fargo, ND anymore. WHAAAT? We drive back up to Flag (5 hrs in the car, I slept 99 % of it:-)
Small 30 min jog in the evening, too tired to do anything.
JR's birthday!!!
Morning run (feel a little bit better), JR and I find an Ipod on the street and put it on the truck it was next too (Ipod #3 that I found in Flag, I returned all of them!!!). Then sight seeing, man it was hot in the desert!!! At night I attemt to swim which was OK, but not great. But at least I have ROM again:-)
While JR is driving his parents to Phoenix (with a huge cushion so that they don't miss their flight again:-), I sit on the computer for 2 hrs, scanning documents for the government. Then at 9 am group ride. No wind and sunny, yippie!!! I actually end up having a great ride and a great transition run. YES, I am over my "shot-sickness". The bad thing: I had to skip the Irongirl Las Vegas race:-( And I love racing!!!
Flagstaff Bike swap!!! Nice to get rid of these little things that pile up in the garage. We still have shoes and frames for sale, but at least the small stuff is gone!!! Now it is nap time and then a long run in the evening.
The week was nice and definatley exciting, but I am looking forward to a less stress full week with some good training. And maybe even a day where JR and I can do some hiking in Sedona as our wedding celebration (we didn't get to do that yet!!!) I am skipping the Columbia Triathlon due to the lack of training, but i might try to defend the Genuine InnovationsTriple Crown Title (Tempe Intl Tri, Sahuarita Tri, Deuces Wild).
Can't wait to race again!!! No more shots for me now, no matter what. They are a huge set back and noooo fun.
Next week: swim bike run and race:-) YEAH!!!

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Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You two both look so happy, just adorable - what a great way to celebrate your marriage! Except for having all the shots and then getting sick. Each! NOT good. I think that you're doing the right thing by resting up and racing a little later...the season is still long and you've got plenty of time. You'll do great!

Congratulations again to the both of you :)