Saturday, December 29, 2012

Family fun

The toughest part about being away from Germany is not to see my family that much :-( My family is super close, we hold together like glue.

One of my brothers has two little ones: one three year old and one 8 months old. Both are sooooo cute. Unfortunately I only get to see them once or twice a year... just like the rest of my family :-(
So whenever we do get together we totally enjoy things. Today we toured my old track-club grounds in Renningen, my first ever track club, where I learned to race the 800 m and where I learned that I am...yeah...well...not that great in throwing events (javelin, discus and shot put)... After joining the club I stuck with being a middle distance runner.

Here are my family and I walking along the track/sports complex in Renningen:

 again: great running trails
 There might be a future pole vaulter in my family!!!
 Saying hello to some statues. They looked lonely.

Then we went home and cheered on the German SKI JUMPING team!!! Ski jumping is really really famous over here. And guess what: we also cheered for the one and only AMERICAN in the field... Lets just say that he didn't win, but at least there is a USA member in the competition :-)

 Not sure why Ski Jumping hasn't taken off in the US yet. IT IS SO INTERESTING!!!

 We definitely enjoyed it.
 The little one preferred practicing his crawling skills. For 8months of age he is a very speedy little man.

Lucky for me my brother and his family are coming over to Phoenix to visit me in a few months and I can't wait to show them and the kids Arizona, with Cactus, Citrus trees and maybe some Scorpions and Rattle Snakes (preferably behind glass :-)

Since my trip ends pretty soon I had to stock up on some things I can't get in the US...Ritter Sport Chocolate is already in my suitcase, Haribo was bought today and Ouzo also found its way onto my bag.

It is amazing to compare ingredients of GERMAN MADE Haribo to Not-sure-where-made Haribo that you can get in the US. First of all they have much more variety in German bought Haribo, like GINGER-LEMON, but the ingredients also differ. Same with the Chocolate. So I always have to stock up on JR and my favorites :-) And if you can, have someone bring you a sample from Europe so that you can taste the difference for yourself.

On the running front: 1.5 hr run through the forest, lots of mud, lots of sun, perfect temperature and tons of perfect trails. One week until the next XTerra trail run - but that will be in Phoenix :-)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Germany for Christmas

It shouldn't be a surprise to people who know me: I am in love with the running terrain in Germany. 

Miles and miles of running trails in the forest, you don't have to be scared of any animals eating you (well, unless there is an extremely hungry deer somewhere...), the ground is soft and it smells like leaves, you can go on a different route EVERY TIME you run. It is beautiful, refreshing and motivating.

The weather is unusually warm. I was hoping for snow...but having fall like weather is much better for running.

The great thing about Germany is also that EVERYONE is so active here. Not everyone is necessarily a runner or cyclist or triathlete, but people just enjoy to be outside. Everyone walks EVERYWHERE!!!

Unfortunately time goes by wayyyyy too fast and this 10 day trip will be over in no time. Lucky for JR he gets to spend 8 weeks over here pretty soon for work...but with his luck the snow will come as soon as he steps on German soil :-) And JR really really loves snow ;-)