Friday, May 9, 2014

Colorado Fall Classic

Life is busy...I started working 5 days/week...even though it is only 8 am - 1 pm, it is tiring:-) I guess I have been spoiled :-)
The nice thing is that I make my own schedule, so if I need to take a week off, I can. 

I am participating in an Xterra triathlon on May 31st...yikes, what was I thinking. I still haven't swam...not even once. I just listen to my body and do what my body likes: running and biking. 

The race takes place in Lory state park, just outside of Ft Collins. The riding and running is beautiful. The race will go on the beginner trail, unfortunately there are still 2 spots, where I have to get off the bike. I guess I am a below-beginner on the mnt bike. Give me a cross bike and it is a different story :-) Here are some images of the beautiful scenery running and riding at Lory:

 Running makes Jack tired. So tired that he takes ANY spot in the yard to sleep :-)
 The Xterra will be all fun and no racing. Especially with possibly (very likely) zero swimming, minimal mnt bike skills and a killer run with tons of elevation and switchbacks.

This week was strange: 5 year anniversary, JR's birthday and my graduation from nursing school...and I celebrated all the above by myself :-( JR is over 3000 miles away from here :-( Buuuhhhhhh. Maybe I need another degree so I can finally have a celebration!!! Just kidding ;-)

 The chickens have been laying eggs every day, I think they like the warmer weather. 3/day and one of them is HUGE, the other one small. Chickens are very easy to hold in a yard, they don't need a lot and they give back every day :-)

I am trying to get back into racing after taking a year off. Running is my priority and am very happy to say that I am competing in the Colorado Fall Classic Marathon this September. I am looking forward to the race and to finishing FAST. The race has a 2500 ft loss in elevation. I am supporting local races whenever I can, and this marathon fits perfectly into my schedule. Here is to a great running summer!!!