Tuesday, November 27, 2012

IMAZ and Thanksgiving

IMAZ was crazy. Spectating is a tough job :-) I spectated with my peeps Elliot, Mindy and Kris. They came prepared. Japanese warrior headbands, Cookie monster on a stick, cameras ready, vocal cords ready.

Elliot was, off course, cheering for Linsey. And his favorite triathlete WON the race. Elliot got to hand off her cowboy hat for the final hundred meters. I am pretty sure that was one of the happiest moments in his life:-)

Here are some pics from the day:

 Mindy and Elliot fighting over the cookie monster. Kris and I stayed out of it.

Elliot cheering on Linsey on lap 1!!!

Elliot trying out his inner Yogi.
Note the drawing on the sidewalk :-)

Mindy, Kris and Elliot went all out on artwork up curry hill.

The crew!!!

Elliot posing half naked while Linsey goes on the last lap!!!


Well, after the spectathlon we all slept for 20 hrs. We were pooped. But it was a ton of fun. Luckily the work week only had three days and then I was off to North Dakota. It was a beautiful 15 degrees during the day, perfect for running!!! 

JR and I did A LOT in the 3 days we were up there, but unfortunately JR (who had been sick for 2 weeks) got me sick too, so 30 min runs was all I could do :-(

We went back to where we were married: THE BUNKER.

 Great memories of Pam speaking German at my wedding, my family almost not making it over to the US from Germany because of the vulcano that decided to erupt, lots of Ouzo at the wedding :-) Ahhh, that was a great weekend.

Cold cold cold.


JR and I built our first snow man of the season. He was tiny, but we got it done. Skittles as eyes, twig as a nose and a aluminum foil hat. Perfect.

When we got back to Phoenix, we noticed that someone important just landed. Two miniature United States airplanes. We never found out who it was but it was pretty cool to see those airplanes.

Well, with the setback in training from being sick I am not sure what to do for racing. I was out for almost 4 days, had to skip my long run and now have to decide if I want to run a half marathon or 5 k this weekend :-( I am leaning towards a 5 k on Saturday and another one on Sunday. School is done in 3 weeks and then I can finally return to normal training :-)

Until then I will try to keep squeezing in 3 mile runs here and there.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ironman Arizona Part 2

Day 3 at the Expo:

today was CARAZYYYY. Last minute shopping for everyone. Best of today was:

Oh I forgot my gels - well, that can happen
Oh I forgot my SLIK - well, that can happen as well
Oh I forgot my bento box - well, that one is a question mark
Oh I forgot my shoes - well, you will most likely get blisters with brand new shoes
Oh I forgot my race outfit - well, that one was my favorite out of the day...where did you think you were going? That is like forgetting your passport when you fly to a foreign country :-)

Good for them, pretty much EVERYTHING can be purchased at the IM village. Everything from socks to bikes. Today was my favorite day at the Expo, it feels good to help people calm down and make them understand that no matter what happens, they will be fine!!! 

I got to meet up with some great friends who I don't get to see a lot. Here is Mirjam Weerd, a very very speedy European...who already went 9:02 this year!!! She looks ready to rock this event tomorrow. Unfortunately I only get to see her once a year :-( 

 And here is another super speedy lady. I met Amber at the Zoot training camp and it felt like we were twins separated at birth. We can giggle ALL DAY LONG. I cannot wait to cheer her on tomorrow!!! Amber is an amazing athlete!!!

And then we have Elliot. Elliot is not racing, but he gets the BEST DRESSED award. He will be out there all day tomorrow cheering. We found the perfect cycling jersey for him and after Linsey Corbin signed his headband I am not sure if he will ever take it off again :-)

That pretty much sums up what is going on at the Expo of an IM event if you stick around all day. It is a lot of fun!!! One more day to go, and tomorrow it is all business and no party. Tomorrow is RACE DAY (or SPECTATHLON DAY for Elliot and me)!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ironman Arizona Part 1

The spectator view:

I have to admit it. I like working at Expos. I have been at Tour de Tucson a few times, Rock'n'Roll AZ a few times and now I can add Ironman to my list. It is so much fun to hear about people's journey's to get to this race. 

Today I got to meet:
-firefighters from Phoenix, I told them they better be ready since they can train on the course
-people who claimed 63 degree water temperature was FREEZING
-people who said 63 degree water temperature is perfect
-people who are doing their FIRST IM
-a dude who races for boobs :-)
-small people and really really tall people
-or this person on the picture: he is doing IMAZ as a tune up for a DOUBLE IRONMAN

...but his ultimate goal is to do 10 IM distances in 10 days!!! I told him he needs a lot of Skinstrong for the 10 IM races :-)
The best part: he is racing for a charity!!! What an inspiring person.

Well, you get the point. IM draws in people from ALL KINDS of backgrounds and parts of the US.

Ironman time is crazy. People at the Ironman tent are purchasing all kinds of Ironman things to remember their journey to Arizona. The line is usually so long that I get to meet about 15 people/hr, because they have to wait and I keep them entertained :-)

I am also lucky enough to have VIP passes for Sunday. Hopefully JR will be over his sickness by then and we can go watch and cheer all day!!!

I am so excited to watch everyone race, the race is stacked with horsepower. It will be a fast race with perfect weather. The course is fast as well as it has non of this: COBBLESTONE :-)
Fast and flat, no wind and highs in the 70's. That just screams course record. And I will be there to watch it live :-) Now if that doesn't get you going for the 2013 season!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Well, it is the week of IM Arizona, which means craziness in Tempe Town Lake. Just in the years that I have been in the valley, this event has developed into one of the biggest, most competitive IM races.

Off course I am a spectathlete (IM distance is realllllllly looooooong), but if you are going to the Expo Thursday, Friday or Saturday, come by the IM tent!!! I will be representing SKINSTRONG at the EXPO and I can tell you what you can use SKINSTRONG products for and where you can spray, slather or dust them on. I have caught myself using their products on Heart rate straps, shoes, my feet, neck, even my dress shoes, pretty much anywhere....and then there is the sunscreen/sun soothing line, which is a must when in the sun...

Well, if you want any more info, you can got to http://skinstrong.com/ and/or see me at the Expo and ask me anything you want!!!

Too many wetsuits

JR and I have accumulated too many wetsuits...and we need to liquidate...so if you know anyone who needs a wetsuit to just starting out in the sport or if you know anyone who wants a cheap competition suit, please guide them towards me :-)

Here is what I have:

ZOOT Wetzoot
size small, women's
50$ (original price 399$)

 Aquasphere Phantom
Size small men's - used in one race only
200$ (original price 699$)

 Sailfish G-Range
size small women's
This one is used by athletes in ITU as well as IM. SUper easy to put on and come off!!!
150$ (original price 699$)

Not pictured: Xterra Vengeance Wetsuit, 50 $ women's size small.

Please email me at Angela_Axmann at yahoo.de if you know anyone who might need one of these or if you need more info and/or pictures!!!