Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ryno 5k in Vegas

Whoho- Vegas Baby!!!

Actually the story goes more like this: My friend Katie and I were sitting at home thinking about doing the RYNO 5 K in Las Vegas, which has a cash purse:-) But then our thoughts turned into this:
"I haven't done anything fast this week..."
"I am kind of sore all over from doing lunges..."
"It is a 4 hour drive...for a 5k..."
In the end we packed our stuff (sooo easy to pack for running races, shoes, shirt, shorts) at 4:30 pm. WE ARE GOING!!! I think I could do this drive with my eyes closed by worries, I won't:-) Traffic jam at the Hoover Dam (lost about 1 hour), but with Katie and me in the car there is constant laughing, talking and gossiping going on.
We got to the host house and went right to bed.
Since there is money in the race we expected it to be competitive. It was around a golf course, rolling downhill one way, rolling uphill the other way.
I went out in second place with first in sight, but the first girl's pace was just too fast to hold on for me:-) I held second all the way to the finish line, running about 15 seconds faster than the last Vegas 5k, which was on a flatter course. I take 2nd and a little cash any time:-)
It was a fun race. We went back to Flag right after the race, cause both of us are more nature fans than Vegas party girls:-)
But it was a good day to escape Flag. It snowed and JR actually had to spend the day riding on the trainer...
Today it is nice again and we are going riding with Marilyn (super cyclist) and Chris McDonald (super triathlete).

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Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Nice job on the race ! Sometimes you just NEED to drive a long way for a short race - it becomes an epic-type thing :) WOW - hope the ride went well - I know you did great!!!