Monday, April 27, 2009

I love wind:-)

That is what I had to tell myself during the weekly Saturday group ride...the wind was incredible. Coming from the front on the way out, coming from the front/slightly from the side on the way back. NICE. And the FEELS-LIKE-100-MILE-PER-HOUR-WIND-GUSTS were so scary. There were dustdevils flying around, dirt, some tree branches,...I am glad everyone stayed on their bike even though unclipping to do that was necessary every once in a while. I realized that getting angry when it is windy makes your ride so much more miserable, so I was just trying to think of how much stronger this ride will make me. IT WORKS.

The group was so small, some smart people stayed at home or changed their long ride to sunday I guess.

Yesterday I went for the most beautiful long run with my friend Katie on the bottom of the San Francisco Peaks. I have never been on the trails before because I am scared of getting eaten by a Mountain Lion or Bear when I run alone:-) It was so fun. And trail runs also make you so strong. It is like running, plyos and strength training in one. How convenient. The new AVIA Trail shoes I got are awesome. Now that I have tested them on real trails I am sure that they are the best trail running shoes ever.

So the weekend was great, but I didn't get to race:-( I really wanted to race the Atomic Man Duathlon in New Mexico, but I did not want to drive the 6.5 hrs each way by myself...So no 8 weeks, 8 next race will be the Irongirl Las Vegas in May.

I am in the process of figuring out my entire training schedule for 2009. A lot got changed. I am not going back to Germany, instead I am getting married on May 5th and I will/have to stay in the US afterwards:-) What an interesting process that immigration process is!!! Today I have an appointment with an immigration doctor to get an immigration medical (I think they take tons of blood to see if the German blood is different than the American blood ;-)...I am excited to see what else they will do and test on me...

Until after the exam:-)

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Meredith said...

No doping, sister...Aren't Germans good at doping..ahhahha!! only references then! So, since it looks like you are trying to earn your honeymoon vaca by selling some bikes, got anythign that would make a nice cross bike?!?!? let me know...Have a good one! :)