Sunday, April 19, 2009

7 weeks 7 races...AZ Crit Championships

This week was supposed to be my weekend off...that's what I thought:-) I guess I am addicted to racing because it is the best training you can get. So here is week number 7 of racing:

This week was very uneventful except for the 100 km ride on Saturday. I did the weekly Flagstaff group ride, which normally includes 1 KOM and 2 Sprints and lots of hard riding. The ride is always great and a ton of fun. Yesterday there were too many attacks to count:-) That is what it felt like. I told JR at the turnaround: I think I will ride back easy. He goes: There won't be any attacks anymore until way at the end...Yeah right. About 20 min later JR attacks. And he didn't even give me a secret hint that he is going to attack. WHAAAT?

So the way back was harder then ususal and I was really tired from the ride. I definately needed some good recovery food that evening so JR and I had Katie and Pam over for Gniocci, Salad, Fruitsalad and Wine (AND WE LEFT THE ICECREAM IN THE FREEZER!!!) It was so fun. Pam is training for her first 70.3 and even did a 7 mile run after her first ever group ride and her longest ever ride. NICE WORK!!! Plus Katie went all the way around the Lake with the group and I took her on a T Run where she was so tired that she didn't even talk anymore:-) Now that is a good workout!!! We definately deserved a LOT of food and a recovery evening:

Me, Pam and Katie

The next morning:
The nice thing about cycling is that I don't get sore...unlike running and swimming. It just makes me tired and therefore I was feeling OK for the AZ State Championship Crit in Phoenix.

I got there and had to find out that my friend and teammate Carrie crashed and was brought to the hospital:-( She returned about 4 hours later drugged up feeling good with a 1st or 2nd degree AC seperation and roadrash. The drugs didn't last too long and poor Carrie was in a lot of pain...I hope she gets better really soon!!!


Our race was fast and I tried to get onto my teammate Marilyn's wheel attacking as we planned but I had NO power. WOW, I was tired from the groupride the day before. So I just attempted to attack a few times, and realized that my max would probably only last for 30 sec:-)

My teammate Kathryn crashed going around a 180 degree corner. She got a free lap, came back in and asked me: Is my rear wheel OK? I go: A little wobbely, but OK. I am not an expert but I think it is ridable...half a lap later her tire blew up...SORRY ABOUT THAT, I am just glad I added "I am not an expert" to it:-)

I attacked with 2 corners to go and me and another girl got away. As we crossed the finish line I realized that a girl behind me had crashed...lost part of her tooth and had a swollen face and a bad ass looking black and blue eye. I hope she is feeling better soon as well. So I ended up second in the State Crit Championships behind Sabrina Savage. She led out the sprint and I was unable to pass her. Last year we were Cat 3 and it was the same spot where I lead her out and I won:-) It looked like we copied last year and turned positions:-) So she won the title on her birthday!!!

JR raced after us AND HE KICKED ASS!!! He got in a break, drilled it, then crashed on the same spot as back up and won the Crit by a lot!!! He looked so good out there!!!

Despite all the crashes and sad news it was fun to race the PARKPRE in a crit for the first time. It handles very well, I love this bike!!! So now I tested it on uphills, downhills, corners, fast speed, anything...AND I LOVE IT!!!

And I got super excited before the race because I got this great goodie bag from my team specialized d4W/bicyle Haus including a new kit, gloves, glasses, anything a racer needs-oh and PINK armwarmers. I am so glad that it is still a little colder in Flag and I get to use my armwarmers:-)

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