Wednesday, April 22, 2009


WOW, I just received some shoes from AVIA in the mail and they are the best shoes EVER!!! They are awesome. One pair is a trail running shoe in great colors: yellowish green and turqois with silver:-) NICE.
I have ran in Trail shoes before, and they always felt heavy and big. I put on the shoes: light weight, super soft and comfortable...I start running: the "grip" on the bottom feels like it is propelling me forward:-) SO NICE. I will post pictures of the shoe tomorrow, but this shoe just made my trail running life feel like a vacation:-)

On another note: the bruised ribs JR got a few weeks ago in Long Beach turned out to be broken. 2 of them. Today he sneezed and: he broke another one. It was most likely already cracked. Poor guy. And there is nothing you can do about broken ribs...

JR and I spend have of the day today cleaning our extra stuff. We could open a bikestore, that is for sure. So there is a lot of stuff from bikes to hoods, everything. I will post a list soon:-)


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