Thursday, February 5, 2009

Russian Cheesecake as recovery food

Yummie, today I had the best cake in the world. Russian Cheesecake. It is this delicious cheesecake surrounded by chocolate crumbs with even more chocolate crumbs on top. It is soooo good. I had it after my pool workout today. AND on top of that I used it as prerun food...mhhh...a cup of coffee and a huge piece of cake, maybe it was not such a good idea to go running right after I ate that. I heard my tummy for the first 10 min on my run, just like when you drink a whole bunch of water before a run. It sounded like a few liters of water in a water baloon :-) Luckily it stopped after 10 min. I then ran by a horse and guess what, the horses tummy made the same noise just louder. Who knew horses have coffee and eat cake too? :-)

After my run I was off to another treat. My brother Sven invited us out for dinner. To an American Diner!!! And they had real American food, just the beer was the German kind of beer. But everything on the menu was American:
Steak, Chicken Wings, Burgers, Bacon, Country Potatoes, French Fries...Milkshakes...Pancakes, which JR would have ordered :-)

10 more days and I am off to the US. It will be such a big change in more week of snow (yep, snow is coming to town again), then shorts and shirts weather.

I guess a cold is going around, and my nose just started to run this evening. Feels a little bit stuffy, but I think I will be fine...with Vitamin C and Tee.

I will add some pictures of the Russian Cheesecake and how to make it next time!!! Now I am off to bed.
Good night!!!

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Anonymous said...

Angi! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you via email - I am SOOO excited your coming back into town and will be in Phoenix for the week :-) I am also going to try and watch you race the Desert Du! Ok, I will email you in the next couple of days!