Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Tour Of California

I am sooo proud of my fiancee. He will be starting at the Tour of California at the end of this week. I am crossing fingers that they will have nice weather (but I know the weatherman predicted rain). I will be flying into Phoenix on Sunday evening so unfortunately I don't get to see JR. I bet it would be fun to watch the Tour, cheer JR and his team on and travel with them down the coast. Anyway, it will be a great race and I will watch every stage online!!!

I spent my day at the horse market, this is what it looks like:

Horses for sale, everyone can pet them, watch them run and get prizes, and some people might buy them.

More horses...sooooooooooo cute:-)

And some ponies the size of a big dog:-) CUTE!!!

And then there was a horse parade which lasted about 2 hours because there were 122 (!!!) wagons and horse clubs presenting their horses- including the police on horses (see picture).

And then there was this "little" guy...he was bigger than the ponies:-) They are called "Leonberger" dogs and are such nice and cute dogs, but pretty rare. They are bred in my neighbor town "Leonberg" (who would have guessed that:-)

Tomorrow I am getting up early because I have A LOT of stuff to do before Sunday...and I am crossing my fingers that the snow in Flagstaff will melt soon-it would be best BEFORE sunday:-)...so that I can start training at 7000 Feet in nice conditions:-)


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Meredith said...

Safe travels back to the USA!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted on the coming events...They've cancelled a bunch of women's events this year, which really stinks....I think the TOC women's is only a 1 day crit now, and Bisbee is completely off!!