Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New sponsors for 2009

I just arrived in Flagstaff and had many packages to open, thanks to my new sponsors. I heard that I will have gear waiting for me but I didn't want to post until I knew it was for real.

I received so many things from AVIA, who are supporting me with shoes, clothing and other tri gear. They have really great shoes, the AVI BOLT, my new racing flat, light weight, comfortable and good looking. The AVI LITE II, which will be my half marathon shoe, feels great is also light and feels soft and cushioned. I tried the cycling gear in Sedona yesterday and everything looks great and feels great. Running equipment is great as well, and they have everything a runner needs, long sleeve, short sleeve, shorts, tights, hats, socks,...The racing backpack is awesome as well, I already used it for my cycling gear and during swim practice. There are seperate pockets for biking, running and swimming equipment, including a goggle pocket, hear rate monitor pocket and a pocket for wet stuff that you can take out-perfect for a triathlete!!!
So thank you AVIA for supporting me!!!

Visit: http://www.avia.com/

I also received a super light and good looking frame from PARKPRE USA, it is great and I cannot wait to put all the parts together and built it. It is a carbon fiber frame, super light, super aero - a black beauty!!! I am so excited to race on it and see how fast I can go on that TT maschine!!!
Thank you PARKPRE USA for the great TT bike!!!

Visit: http://www.parkpreusa.com/

Thanks to Genuine Innovations I will always be able to fix my flat tires when I am out riding on the roads. They send me everything from a big pump to many many CO2 cartridges. They also send me a package to Germany so that I don't have to worry about taking them on an airplane when I go back to Europe.
Thank you Genuine Innovations!!!

Visit: www.genuineinnovations.com

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