Monday, February 9, 2009

Fasching and Horseshows

This time a year we celebrate something called "Fasching", everyone dresses up funny, like on Halloween...just without the trick or treating...but with a lot of wine drinking. I am not that big of a fan of Fasching but with Fasching this horseshows come to town and I am a big fan of the horseshows they have in my neighbor city. It is a 1 week celebration with: horse shows, riding events (no western style I think:-(), and tomorrow-YEAH I am excited for it-is a big horse auction where people buy horses and they are all standing around in the middle of downtown ...and you can pet them...and then there is a parade.
All the bakeries make special pastries for that week. And they are all about horses like this thing called a "horseapple" (it is brown and round, I bet you know what I mean-it just looks funny I bet it tastes great)...It didn't seem to attract my mom and me so we got this thing instead:

It is a horse "Berliner", this thing filled with Nutella. It is sooo cute and it tasted sooooooooo good:-)
Well I am so stoked to go see horses tomorrow and I hope I can get some cute pictures.

Training today was great until the swim. I did some intervals on the TT bike, got honked at twice where people were trying to tell me to go on the sidewalk - excuse me...I think the police would not like it if I would ride 30 kmh on the sideWALK...maybe they were just angry because they had a bad day at work :-)
The TT was good and felt great. Then I wen to swimming, drove for 20 min. just to find out that we only had 30 min to swim because of a WATERPOLO game...grrr.
On my way home it started to snow and we are supposed to get wind gusts uo to 120km/h tomorrow. I am so glad that I don't bike tomorrow...the running workout might be challenging enough.

OK, off to bed for some recovering.


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