Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th...I guess scary things do happen on that day

I have never really thought about Friday the 13th...a day like all the others...but IF something DOES happen that day it gets scary...

The first half of the day was great including a ride on the trainer, because of the snow, and an email with an entry for me for WILDFLOWER. Then I ate, watched some TV, then I went for a run. I decided to run to my neighbor town and back because of the weather. There is a cross walk right in town, you know, one of those Zebra striped things where people are allowed to walk across and cars HAVE to stop-it is NOT optional... I run there, come to a stop, wait, look left and right, see that about 5 cars are coming from the left, about 100 m away. Off yourse they are going to see me...they probably already saw me with my pink hat!!! That is what I thought and step on the street...I look to the left...this guy doesn't seem to stop...everything was going so fast. He was going the speed limit and didn't slow down, and I saw that he had his eyes on the road only in the last minute. Tires squeeked, I froze and couldn't move and he came from 50 kmh to 0 kmh just in time so he wouldn't hit me. There were about 5 cm between the car and me. (I learned in Biomechanics that jumping on the car results in less injury then going under the car, so I was actually thinking about jumping-who knows if I could have...). I was so shocked that I couldn't say a word and I walked across the cross walk and sat down in the middle of the sidewalk. Now here comes the best part: THE GUY DID NOT STOP!!! No apology, no :"Are you alright?" He just drove away. Too bad I didn't get his license plate!!!
So on my way home I thought: "Was I lucky." And that on Friday the 13th...Thank god that nothing happened!!!

After that scary experience I went swimming and now I feel a lot better.

JR is starting the Tour of California TOMORROW!!! Yeah, I am so excited for the race to start and to see MY fiancee in there!!! Good luck out there!!!

It is midnight, got to sleep now:-)

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