Tuesday, January 27, 2009


2.5 more weeks and I will be on my way to the US. I already filled out the online document that allows foreigners to enter the US :-) Now I have to wait for 72 hours to get approved (by the way, every German and other countries have to do that now...but only to enter the USA).
My first race of the season, the DESERT CLASSIC DUATHLON is coming up and I have 3.5 weeks to add some spice to my training. It will be funny to see the athletes who train in snow and ice compete against Arizonan's!!! I bet there is a big difference in where everyone is trainingwise. For me this is only the beginning, I am excited and take it as a great workout that will hopefully make me hurt and maybe even puke:-)

It will be a full season with racing from February until October (off course with some breaks).
I am really excited for it!!!

Oh, I got punshed in the stomach 3 times today because this guy in my lane did not want me to pass him...and the best part: he did it on purpose (some people don't know that you can see very clear with those goggles on your face!!!)
...it is all practice for open water starts, right?

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