Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry christmas and a happy new year

It has been a while since I wrote last, so here is what I have been up to. I had no internet for about a week, which made me realize how addicted we are to internet!!! What to do if you want to check your am I supposed to let JR and my friends in the US know what I am doing? Can't order things online...Skype is only working with internet...but fortunately it is back up now:-)
Tonight is New Years eve. I won't be doing much except for watching a huge explosion: my town is blowing up 350 kilograms of fireworks tonight!!! CRAZY!!!

Training has been OK, I have been riding and swimming a lot. I had to put on many many layers when I went riding...base layer, skiing sweatshirt, fleece jacket, and something on top...2 pairs of gloves...headmask and a hat and a helmet, toewarmers and shoe-neopren-covers!!! And my bottle turned from hot tea into frozen slush in a half an hour!!! But it is fun...and you never know what weather conditions you will have during a bring it on, I am prepared for the cold temperatures:-)

Swimming is going well too. I am swimming in a 26 degree Celcius warm (or very cold if you don't swim) 50 meter pool-Ian Thorpe used to train here during his training camp-and I get to watch sports that are going on next to me, because there is a diving pool and more room in the pool where I swim in, so I get to see...waterpolo, which is really interesting and they have those cute hats on...and snorchlers practicing for their snorchling vacation...but the best part is the under water rugby team!!! They have cute hats on and funny looking suits, they have 2 under water goals, about 7 meters deep (or so: whatever depth diving pools have), and they have a really heavy ball that they move around deep under the water while holding their breath!!! Crazy people, but I heard that our team is known internationally!!!
So there is lots to see in your break or under water during the warm up.

I just got accepted for the 70.3 Austria race in May 2009 which will be my first Triathlon in Austria ever:-) The fun part is that you swim in 2 lakes. You swim in one, run to the next one and keep on swimming there.

OK, hope everyone will have a great New Years eve!!! GUTEN RUTSCH INS NEUE JAHR!!!


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Annie said...

Hi Angi,

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a very healthy year. Good luck on your upcoming events.