Wednesday, December 17, 2008

6 more days of work...

Have you ever heard of Flexi Bar? It is this swinging stick, which is supposed to make even the deepest muscles in your upper body contract. It is used in rehabilitation and guess what...I am teaching one of the classes for it:-)
So here I am on Monday at the 5 star plus hotel where I work once a week and I am trying new exercises. Oh, and I have to dress all in white which makes me feel like a doctor:-)

The great thing about the hotel is that I have a 4 hour break- enough time to train, eat and take a nap - I love naps!!!

Yesterday I went to Munich to get Christmas presents, and yes, I was successful. The weather in Munich was really foggy, and in Tegernsee it was beautiful-weird how the weather in the mountains and around can change so here is a picture of a church and part of the Christmas market downtown Munich.

Shopping gets exhausting and after 4 hours, I needed a coffee, so I went to Starbucks. It is funny, just a few years ago there were no coffee shops in Germany and now there are 3 Starbucks really close to each other downtown Munich and many other coffee shops. I was sooo happy to get coffee. The funny thing is that I went into another coffee shop right after I got my coffee at Starbucks, to get a Christmas present and then I got a free coffee with it- so I had to drink 2 Lattes on the train on my way home:-) (I really love coffee, so 2 is better than 1-and I drank them completely). That evening I had to teach one Flexi Bar class and 2 hours of spinning, it went by in no time...mhhh...due to the large amount of coffee??? Nooooooooooooooo...can't be.

Back to work today...6 more days befor I am done working. But today Anastasia (our Nutritionist - and the person who makes work exciting with new stories:-) and I performed a Lactate Test on her, it is not painful when I poke!!! He is just a great actor:-)

We filled about 8 tubes with the blood we squeezed out of his ear!!! I had to poke 3 holes because his blood dries so fast!!! Crazy.

We did it, he was exhausted and we got what we wanted...
So now I am on my break and I am going to the track to do a workout - thank good for my Ipod which always has a ton of good music for me...because I will be running all by myself...anyone want to join me?

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Meredith said...

DUDE!!!!!!!!!! what is UP!@!???? are you living in GERMANY now?!?!?!? Holy HELL!?!?! What happened to Flagstaff....I am in Madison, WI...a surefire change from the Southwest....ok, do fill me in!!! Pro TRI GIRL now!?!?!??! You are such a stud...are you still with your man on Successful Living...????