Monday, January 5, 2009

Germany = Freezer

Wow, I almost feel like I am in Russia, not in Germany. It has been so cold here. The streets are still frozen and there is no way to ride a roadbike outside. Not only am I running out of cold weather gear, but there is no way that your tires will stick on the pavement!!! I think if I would try to ride outside I would land on my butt right away.
Therefore I spend every day on the trainer and I am starting to like the trainer. Riding on a TT bike on the trainer is actually really comfortable:-) It is so relaxing to have your arms rest on the handlebars- I remember riding the Roadbike on a trainer and it was punishment fun at all...but the TT bike is great. But let's be honest...I am a little jealous of JR who gets to ride in the sun in Sedona.

I am booking my flight to Flagstaff today. 3 months of training and racing in the US. Time goes by wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to fast. It is already 2009, my birthday is in 3 days and February and travel time is just around the corner!!!

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