Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time to train

I am so happy to say that my first week of real triathlon training was great. You never know what to expect when you get back into "real" training. Off season is fun as well, but you loose complete track of how fast you are going because everything is supposed to be easy.

I had my first Tempo run on Saturday and I ran 30 min at 10 km pace...and I was happy to see that I was close to my 10 km PR during my first training run. Then yesterday I taught 2 spinning classes in a row and it was another great but really really hard workout. 1 hour of long climbing and 1 hour of speedy sprints. I have to admit that I was tired this morning:-)

Today was Tempo runs on the track, but it has been snowing here in the Alps, so I had to run on a treadmill since the track was covered in snow. Luckily I could run on a Lab treadmill...they have those cool programs where you can type in what speed it should increase to, when, how much break, and you don't have to do anything during the workout!!! So I did my workout and it was great. I felt really good running. Yippie!!!

It is crazy how much sleep and recovery the body needs when you train more...a 1-2 hour nap is the best thing for me in the afternoon. Unfortunately I have to get up at 5:30 am tomorrow to go swimming...I say unfortunately because I love to sleep...but the pool is only open from 6-8 am...

In conclusion: I had a good start preparing for the 2009 season and that is always a GREAT sign - makes me sooooo happy!!!

Greetings from the Alps

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