Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Too many wetsuits

JR and I have accumulated too many wetsuits...and we need to liquidate...so if you know anyone who needs a wetsuit to just starting out in the sport or if you know anyone who wants a cheap competition suit, please guide them towards me :-)

Here is what I have:

ZOOT Wetzoot
size small, women's
50$ (original price 399$)

 Aquasphere Phantom
Size small men's - used in one race only
200$ (original price 699$)

 Sailfish G-Range
size small women's
This one is used by athletes in ITU as well as IM. SUper easy to put on and come off!!!
150$ (original price 699$)

Not pictured: Xterra Vengeance Wetsuit, 50 $ women's size small.

Please email me at Angela_Axmann at yahoo.de if you know anyone who might need one of these or if you need more info and/or pictures!!!

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