Friday, November 16, 2012

Ironman Arizona Part 1

The spectator view:

I have to admit it. I like working at Expos. I have been at Tour de Tucson a few times, Rock'n'Roll AZ a few times and now I can add Ironman to my list. It is so much fun to hear about people's journey's to get to this race. 

Today I got to meet:
-firefighters from Phoenix, I told them they better be ready since they can train on the course
-people who claimed 63 degree water temperature was FREEZING
-people who said 63 degree water temperature is perfect
-people who are doing their FIRST IM
-a dude who races for boobs :-)
-small people and really really tall people
-or this person on the picture: he is doing IMAZ as a tune up for a DOUBLE IRONMAN

...but his ultimate goal is to do 10 IM distances in 10 days!!! I told him he needs a lot of Skinstrong for the 10 IM races :-)
The best part: he is racing for a charity!!! What an inspiring person.

Well, you get the point. IM draws in people from ALL KINDS of backgrounds and parts of the US.

Ironman time is crazy. People at the Ironman tent are purchasing all kinds of Ironman things to remember their journey to Arizona. The line is usually so long that I get to meet about 15 people/hr, because they have to wait and I keep them entertained :-)

I am also lucky enough to have VIP passes for Sunday. Hopefully JR will be over his sickness by then and we can go watch and cheer all day!!!

I am so excited to watch everyone race, the race is stacked with horsepower. It will be a fast race with perfect weather. The course is fast as well as it has non of this: COBBLESTONE :-)
Fast and flat, no wind and highs in the 70's. That just screams course record. And I will be there to watch it live :-) Now if that doesn't get you going for the 2013 season!!!

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