Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ironman Arizona Part 2

Day 3 at the Expo:

today was CARAZYYYY. Last minute shopping for everyone. Best of today was:

Oh I forgot my gels - well, that can happen
Oh I forgot my SLIK - well, that can happen as well
Oh I forgot my bento box - well, that one is a question mark
Oh I forgot my shoes - well, you will most likely get blisters with brand new shoes
Oh I forgot my race outfit - well, that one was my favorite out of the day...where did you think you were going? That is like forgetting your passport when you fly to a foreign country :-)

Good for them, pretty much EVERYTHING can be purchased at the IM village. Everything from socks to bikes. Today was my favorite day at the Expo, it feels good to help people calm down and make them understand that no matter what happens, they will be fine!!! 

I got to meet up with some great friends who I don't get to see a lot. Here is Mirjam Weerd, a very very speedy European...who already went 9:02 this year!!! She looks ready to rock this event tomorrow. Unfortunately I only get to see her once a year :-( 

 And here is another super speedy lady. I met Amber at the Zoot training camp and it felt like we were twins separated at birth. We can giggle ALL DAY LONG. I cannot wait to cheer her on tomorrow!!! Amber is an amazing athlete!!!

And then we have Elliot. Elliot is not racing, but he gets the BEST DRESSED award. He will be out there all day tomorrow cheering. We found the perfect cycling jersey for him and after Linsey Corbin signed his headband I am not sure if he will ever take it off again :-)

That pretty much sums up what is going on at the Expo of an IM event if you stick around all day. It is a lot of fun!!! One more day to go, and tomorrow it is all business and no party. Tomorrow is RACE DAY (or SPECTATHLON DAY for Elliot and me)!!!

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