Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Well, it is the week of IM Arizona, which means craziness in Tempe Town Lake. Just in the years that I have been in the valley, this event has developed into one of the biggest, most competitive IM races.

Off course I am a spectathlete (IM distance is realllllllly looooooong), but if you are going to the Expo Thursday, Friday or Saturday, come by the IM tent!!! I will be representing SKINSTRONG at the EXPO and I can tell you what you can use SKINSTRONG products for and where you can spray, slather or dust them on. I have caught myself using their products on Heart rate straps, shoes, my feet, neck, even my dress shoes, pretty much anywhere....and then there is the sunscreen/sun soothing line, which is a must when in the sun...

Well, if you want any more info, you can got to http://skinstrong.com/ and/or see me at the Expo and ask me anything you want!!!

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