Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why is Masters swimming sooooo early?

I think Masters should be at around 6:30 am, not at 6 am:-) I know that I am already lucky since there are lots of Masters programs that start at 5am!!! CRAZY!!! So like every morning my alarm went off, my first thought was: I am not going...but I am already awake, so I go. Turns out that everytime I go and I am done at 7:30, I feel great, because the workout is done!!!

Tuesday was a 3:30 bikeride with intervals and a run off the bike which felt great. Yesterday morning I had a track workout which felt great as well, plus my 1000 meter times were 5-7 seconds faster than last week-and it felt easier. I guess it all depends on the day too-yesterday there was no wind, last week I felt like I was standing on one side of the track.

Yesterday night was an easy recovery swim where I saw PAM, how exciting!!! I haven't seen her for 6 months and then I meet her at the pool-YEAH. You can do all kinds of great'n'crazy things with swim in Lake Marry at 5:15 in the morning, when it is cold outside, the water temperature definately wetsuit legal...but noooo, we didn't use a wetsuit :-) Anyway: I was so happy to see her!!!

In a few hours I will pick up my new PARKPRE USA TT bike from the bikestore and try it out at the TUCSON BICYLE CLASSIC, a 3 day stage race I will be racing this weekend.

And I am super excited for the weekend because my friend Lizzy will race IM New Zealand-I will cross my fingers for her all weekend. Good luck!!!GO LIZZY!!!

Before I forget:
Here is a picture of JR (on the right) and his teammate Ben from Australia, last weekend at Lake Meade:


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