Saturday, March 28, 2009

Encinitas part 1

After a long drive 7.5 hours!!! (long for the German Angi, normal for the American JR), we finally made it to Encinitas at 10 pm on Tuesday evening. You know how that works, you plan on leaving at a certain time and then this and that happens and you end up leaving 2 hours later:-) Exactly that happened. Maybe my 4 hour ride in the morning caused some of the delay:-) Oh well, we didn't have to be anywhere at a certain time anyway.

JR is racing at the Redlands bike classic, so I had to drop him off at Redlands on Wednesday, which is about 1.5 hrs away from Encinitas. Too bad I cannot stay there (no women allowed during races!!!) and watch him in every stage:-(

Thursday I did a great workout at the most ghetto track I have ever seen:

It is a dirt/sand track. It ended up being great for running because it feels so soft, but I was a little scared at first...because there were weird kids hanging around in the bleachers:-) This track probably hardly gets least that is what it looked like. The 5 times hollow 1200 went by fast and they felt great, faster pace but it felt easier. That is what I like to feel!!!
In the evening I did an easy swim in the pool that belongs to our homestay's housing area. Nice, outdoor swimming when it gets dark!!!

Yesterday I drove up to Redlands again to watch JR race the Beaumont stage. WOW. It was so windy. The women's field got shattered. I think maybe half of the girls made the time cut. JR's team worked so hard at the front for teammate Ben (he was in the yellow jersey going into the stage). In the end Ben was 3rd GC, 9 sec. behind. Great job, they all looked sooo tired after the race. That was a LOT of work. Here is Team Fly V Australia/Successfull living at the front making the pace:

I drove back and got in a longer run and a swim before it got dark. That felt great after standing and sitting all day.
Today I tried out the Ecke YMCA in Encinitas. They gave me a free daypass and said that I can come all next week for FREE. I like that YMCA:-) The pool was very empty so I was ablo to get a good, long yet relaxing swim in. Then I went to the beach to do some of this:

NUTELLA EATING!!! Yummie. Beach season has definately started, there were a ton of kids in the water.
I might race the SUPERSEAL Triathlon in San Diego tomorrow, depending on what the race director says when he emails me back. That would be exciting, at the same time, going to watch JR finish the last day of Redlands would be exciting as well. We will see what happens. Later I am going to do some intervals on the bike and a T run, but first: NAP TIME!!!

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Meredith said...

Girl you are livin' the life!! :) Soak it up, I tell you!

that looked like a freakin grapefruit with chocolate at first! hehehe....give me some redlands updates, I love it..did you race!?!?

ok, I'll keep reading and stay in the know...:)