Thursday, March 12, 2009

What a sweet ride-my PARKPRE TT bike!!!

I am so excited!!! I have ridden my Parkpre bike 3 times now (3 mile TT, long intervals, easy recovery ride). This bike feels so great, it is light, aero and it makes every effort up a hill or into a headwind so much easier!!!

It is so great that Parkpre makes frames that even short people like me can ride:-) Look at the nice carbon look with the silver:-) It already looks fast:

Tuesday was the longer ride with intervals on the bike and like I said before, it felt great. The bike is the perfect size, I don't have to stretch or anything. And I don't feel bumps like I used to on my old bike, which is very nice in a TT. All I can say is that I love the bike!!!
Also on Tuesday was a transition run and 7.1 km in the pool, which made it a 5.5 hr training day.
Yesterday JR and I went to Sedona, he was doing TT intervals, I was doing 1200 m repeats on the brand new Sedona High School track.
The workout was tough, especially after Tuesday, but I got it done!!! Yeah!!!
After a little picnic on the Oak Creek, JR and I drove back to Flag, walked to Pay'n'Take and relaxed on the couch trying to watch two movies, but both of them were sooooo boring...I just fell asleep trying to watch them:-)
Today is all about recovering. Nap, nap, run, nap, swim, nap:-)

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Beth said...

New bike looks great!! Enjoy! :)