Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mingus Mountain and Snowbowl

JR and I went to Sedona on Sunday to do a long ride, which included a 2 hr warm up, for me a climb to Jerome and for JR a climb all the way up Mingus Mountain, then a 1.5 hr cooldown.

It was a great day for training in Sedona, nice, warm weather, not too much wind...but a LOT of tourists...I guess it is tourist time again. Overall they were pretty nice to us cyclists, but I did have the feeling that some drivers look at the pretty Red Rocks instead of the street. And up in Jerome, tourists walked across the street without looking or apologizing for being ON the street.

After getting back I went for a transition run. JR did his 5 hour ride, and then we were off to Flagstaff for some Dinner (Lunch consisted of gels and blocks:-).

I had a long run planned for Monday, I started the run adn felt slow and tired from the ride the day before, but after 30 min my legs started to feel better and better and I even had enough power to pick up the pace for the last 45 min and I did drills and strides!!! Normally I need my roomate Chris to give me a kick in the butt to do strides.

Yesterday I climbed Snowbowl for the first time on the TT bike. Twice. That hurt. A lot. It is great to ride in shorts and a short sleeve shirt and end your climb in a ski area...crazy. This picture is at around 9500 feet:

The second time up Snowbowl felt a lot better. Here is a view in the other direction:

The TT bike felt great on the climbs, but even better on the downhills. I am a downhill chicken, but yesterday I just went downhill as fast as I could and the bike didn't wobble or anything. It is so stiff and makes me feel so safe!!! It felt amazing. I am really excited for tomorrow when my new PARKPRE roadbike arrives in the mail. Then I can replace my old roadbike which wobbles a lot, with a new fast non-wobbly bike:-) I am excited!!!

Plus: here is the latest edition of our training tools. A scooter to do some motor pacing:-) Here is JR doing an oil change and other stuff to make it extra speedy:

Gotta go now, my roomate Chris and I were just hanging out on the couch watching soap opera's (at 10 am-the life of athletes:-)...and he just told me that there is a car in front of our house and it is on FIRE!!! I will get some pictures of that-we have never seen a car on fire in real life!!!

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