Thursday, March 19, 2009

The car is on fire...and my calves too

WOW, as I wrote earlier there was a car on fire in front of our house!!! CRAZY...My roomate Chris and I investigated a bit, but still don't know what exactly happened. All we know is that the car started on fire, the women got out but LOCKED it (gotta take the time to lock the car), the firemen showed up and took out an ax to break into the car (cause it was locked), then she said stop and gave them the key...the opened it up and the flames were shooting out:

Then they started to put it down with water:

Then the poor women was sitting on the curb, her carfire was put out, we think she cried, and then the car got towed and we don't know what happened to her. I wanted to give her the pics I took, because I bet that someday she will be able to laugh about it...noone got injured and I saw my first car on fire in real life.
My calves are on fire too after today:
- Morning swim practice
- 1 hr bike followed by
- Track workout (warmup, 1 mile, 2*400, 1 mile, 2*400, 1 mile, 2*400, 1 mile, cooldown)
That hurt, especially after climbing yesterday. But I did it, the times were faster then usual and I was able to make it thanks to my roommate Chris who cheered me on the entire time. After an ice bath and some food, I am just hanging out on the couch, not moving a lot, recovering, and trying the CEP compression socks for recovery:

Tomorrow JR and I will drive to Phoenix, he is racing the Surprise RR and Crit and I will be racing the Bartlett Lake Triathlon, my first Olympic Distance Race of the season, a good preparation for Oceanside on April 4th.


Beth said...

Hey - I'm racing at Oceanside too! (although I'm not a pro, so not against you :) Congrats on your win this past weekend!

Cy said...

Angi- Congrats on your win yesterday! I'm bummed I didn't stick around to meet you. You looked great out there! Best of luck in Oceanside.