Friday, January 9, 2009

Birthday with surprises from Genuine Innovations

Holly cow, now I am 25 years old!!! Time goes by so fast. But I am so excited for this year because I have big plans and all the support I need.

On my birthday I went to a town near by to relax in Hot Springs. It felt soooo good-swimming from one warm pool in the next one and spending some time in the steam room:-)

In the afternoon I got a blueberry-cheesecake-birthdaycake and in the evening my family and I went out to dinner to have some Greek food.

Today it was back to training: Running, swimming and aquajogging. The pool was full of people but I was lucky and at the time I was swimming no one was in the swimmer lanes!!! That is how I like my lanes:-) There is nothing worse then having a ton of people in the lane, especially if they cannot get coordinated.

Then I got home and I saw a package on the table-for me:-) Birthday present? It was this huge package from GENUINE INNOVATIONS. They send me a package which will get me through my training and races over here in included tons of CO2, patching things...just everything you need if you bike!!! THANKS GENUINE INNOVATIONS!!!

When I get back to Flagstaff I will receive another package from them that will get me through the season in the US.

It is great to have Genuine Innovations support me for 2009, they have everything that helps me out of miserable flat-tire situations for racing and everything is made of light material that is easy to carry with!!!

Travelling with CO2 is nearly impossible nowadays, because they take all of that stuff out of your suitcase. Crazy-what if you go to a race and maybe even in a country where barely anyone speaks English and the customs people took your repair kit for the race out of your bikebox...

The snow is melting slowly and only in the sun-we still have freezing temps...I haven't seen a roadie out there for a really long time:-)

It is great how you can always watch sports on TV in Germany...not only on Eurosport or so, but on the main Channels too...ALL is Biathlon and Ski jumping :-) Fun.

I am hoping that I can bike outside tomorrow, maybe I will take the cross bike out, do some crossing in the snow:-)

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