Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer livin' in Phoenix

Here we are again. 100+ degrees. Every day. Today we are going to hit 112. And every year I have the same thoughts: WE NEED TO MOVE. This will be my third summer in Phoenix and I have to say that every year I turn more into an Arizonan.

2010 - I remember when it was 60 degrees at 6 am for my run and I thought it was HOT.
2011 - I can handle 80's for running now (at 6 am).
2012 - I can't believe I ran in 106 degrees. Yes it was warm, but it was doable... YIKES.

However, motivational struggle seems to appear EVERY summer in Phoenix. If you don't get your exercise in before 9 am, then you won't get it in anymore. It is just too hot. Knowing that this won't change until Sepember (if we are lucky) makes it twice as tough. Getting up early is productive but when your alarm goes off at 4:30 am on a Saturday and Sunday and every other day the week includes, it can get boring...:-(

What to do... here are tips and tricks that I thought are beneficial:

-got to bed early, so you can get up early :-)
-run from water fountain to water fountain and constantly soak your shirt with H2O
-drown your shirt in water before riding and running
-switch swims to PM, because it is much more manageable to swim in the heat then to run. This allows you to ride and run in the am
-get good movies for the trainer :-) Yes, we use the trainer in the summer
-SUNSCREEN, stock up on the big bottles, the sun here is intense
-enter local running races, it makes it much more pleasant to suffer with people vs. alone

I cannot wait to go to Flagstaff for a few races before leaving for Germany on July 17th. I am excited to pack my arm warmers and rain gear :-)

I am excited for the "rest" of the season (feels like my season has not even started yet). Once I get back from Germany I will be on a quest to earn as many points for Worlds 2013 as possible. Kind of crazy to think that start date to earn points for 2013 is in August of 2012 :-)

But first up: Bike racing in Flagstaff and Belgium 70.3 in 4 weeks!!!

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elizabeth said...

Tomas and I will be in AZ at the end of July. We both got new jobs in AZ and are moving!! Can't wait to see you a bit more :) And can you tell summer to hurry up so I can skip another AZ summer? Thanks!