Monday, June 25, 2012

Angi learns about Baseball

Well, first I had to get my training done and for this weekend's fun it was Mount Lemmon in Tucson. In my 6 years (WHOA) in AZ I have never climbed Mount Lemmon, so I just had to do it. I went down to Tucson with Elliot and Kevin, and we met up with about 20 triathletes/cyclists. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I knew that it would turn into a race-like climb with so many competitive people. 

Elliot made a move 1 mile into the 27 mile climb. He dropped us all like a hot potato. I found another gear and caught up to him. Then we decided to put down the hammer. The climb and the heat was a tough  combination, but hey, no pain, no gain. We worked really well together, rotating and motivating each other. At mile 13 I said: "Oh man, we are not even half way done." And I think Elliot called me all kinds of names as a gesture of appreciation for me pointing that out :-) 

After a little bit over 2 hrs we made it to the intersection and we decided to climb to the Ski Valley parking lot. This time Elliot dropped me like a bad habit and I had nothing in the tank to try to get him :-( 

The climb is really fun and very scenic. It is nice to go from desert heat to 8500 ft and pine smell. This is a MUST!!!

The monsoon season here has started and unlike Phoenix, Tucson actually gets some rain. We haven't gotten a drop, but we got this: 

It was rolling in just as I wanted to go for a run. Since I don't want to breath in sand I went to the gym instead and enjoyed running in place.

Last night I got to try out a new sport: BASEBALL. I really like baseball, Elliot was nice enough to teach me the rules and the game.

 Coach Elliot.

I learned a lot:
Person with bat = batter (like cake batter)
Person on mountain thing = pitcher (like beer pitcher)
Glove thing = Mitten (I think)
Dusty area = infield
Don't swing at balls that you don't like.
High balls are not that great. 
Jack is a great ball boy for baseball. He loves the game.
Don't hit pitcher with ball.

I did it!!! The ball made it out of the infield. (So is that called it made it into the outfield then?)

 This is one very tired ball boy.

Baseball is fun. Now I just have to learn to call it Baseball and not Football. Ooooopsie.

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