Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting chased... great in sports because it means you are in first place, but it is not good when you are in the forest...

Jack and I departed for a Flagstaff weekend today and as soon as we saw the Flagstaff sign we got off the interstate and onto the trails.


90 degrees, shade, the best trails, Jack was happy and I was happy. We ran for about 30 min and then decided it was play time for Mister puppy. Yes, he is a little spoiled. We walked another small loop...maybe 1 mile or so, sandwiched between a campground and the interstate and the horse track.

At one point I took out my camera to take a cool picture of 2 horses racing on the track and making a lot of dust. Then I turned around to tell Jack it is go time...when I saw... A HUGE A$$ COYOTE SHOWING HIS TEETH TO JACK. Jack was sniffing a flower so he didn't see him coming. He was about twice the size of Jack and he was about 10 cm away from taking a bite out of my Jack (that would be about a 1/2 subway sandwich away). I sprinted towards Jack yelling: NOOOOOOOO. jack laid down immediately thinking he did something wrong (good boy). The coyote then showed me its teeth... YIKES. I took a rock (as I learned from my friend Pam) and threw it and yelled and tried to make myself big. Then I took Jack (coyote still showing teeth) and we ran as fast as I could to the closest street (about a 4 min all out sprint!!!). The coyote came charging after us (he was like the honey badger). I yelled and ran and tried to protect Jack and we made it to the street in one piece.

This is what he looked like ( pics)
He was mean.

That coyote did not only want to take a bite out of Jack, he also wanted to have a bite of me!!! I noticed at one point that he only had three legs, which made it even crazier!!!

I am so glad that we made it out in one piece, that thing was HUNGRY. I am just glad he didn't come charging when we were on the other trail...that would have been a 15 min all out sprint to get back to people or a street...

Jack is so exhausted he is snoring on the bed, completely knocked out. Poor puppy. That was his second meeting with a coyote...hopefully he will be so pooped that he sleeps all day tomorrow while I rode my bike for 100 miles :-)

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