Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The other side!!! (of Hawaii)

What to do on our last day in Hawaii...exploring the other side :-) Only a 30 min drive from us and you could see green grass, cows, a running creek, slight rain and rainforest like plants:

Kind of looks like hiking in the alps. We kept going to Hilo and discovered the wild side of Hawaii:

 Sea creatures!!!
 The roots of the plants were fascinating...never thought I would take pics of roots, but I had also never seen roots so big that you could build a house in them...

 Jurassic park plants!!! The leaves of most plants were bigger then me!!!

 This guy wasn't scared. 

 In Phoenix we can buy things like this at Home Depot. But they are made out of metal. Here it is a plant :-)

 That is me!!! Just kidding.

 A local told me that the air force flies along the coast whenever there is an earthquake or something going on with the volcano...so I showed him this picture...I am pretty sure that this is an air force airplane :-)
 Macademia nuts!!! EVERYWHERE!!!

Yes, this is Lava. At first it looked like someone just turned on some lights.

We are now back in Phoenix and thanks to Tribike transport we didn't have to deal with packing our bikes so JR and I had some extra time snorkeling. Tribike transport really really helps not being stressed out!!!

Next up: some training in the heat, a trip to Rhode Island with my friend Amber for some racing and then I am off to Europe. Antwerp 70.3 for the first time. An all downtown 70.3 (then again, Belgium is kind of small, so pretty much the entire country is one town :-) I am really excited to escape the heat for a few weeks and to be able to train mid day instead of early in the morning. 

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Teresa said...

So fun to meet you in person! You are so sweet and had a great race! I hope to see you again soon.