Monday, March 22, 2010

My first stitches :-) EVER!!! happened. I was in a bike the Tucson Bicycle Classic.
Day 1 was a TT:
Same as the weeks before I was unable to ride outside before, but somehow I managed to finish 3rd behind a girl from Colavita and a TIBCO girl.
Day 2 was a 40 mile RR. I tried attacking, others did too, but noone got away. It cam down to the last few km. On the last downhill everyone was a little jumpy and wanted to get in a good position. I was riding next to a girl, saw a huge hole in the road and yelled :HOLE...she must not have heard it and I had no choice but to hit the hole at around 35 mph. And off I flew into the ditch, which in Tucson consists of gravel and cacti. I went for a while (seemed like forever)in the dirt until I tumbled over rocks and crashed. For some reason I thought my nose was gone because it felt wet. I touched it and it was just water and dirt mixed. Nose was still there :-) Funny what your fist thoughts are. The motorcycle judge came and wanted to get me an ambulance but I told him I am fine:-) I got up and a nice lady got cactus needles out of my leg. I couldn't feel my shin and my hipbone, but the only thought I had was to finish...I got a new front wheel and rode to the finish. My bike ended up having only a few scratches, but my wheels are ...hmmmm... in bad shape (hello wheel sposor? anyone?).

The rock I hit poked a hole in my shin, but I didn't think I needed to go get it stitched...but if it is still bleeding after 6 hrs, a trip to the urgent care might not be bad...

3 stitches and 14 days of no swimming. She said I can run if I can handle the pain.
I was very lucky, not a lot of road rash!!! I ran on Tuesday, but it felt a little stiff and I can feel an empty space under the stitches...but I made it for 45 min.
Thursday I tried riding...ended up being 25 miles of standing because the knee is stiff...
Yesterday: success-2 runs. Today: success-2 runs!!!
I went and watched the Lake Havasu Triathlon on Saturday and I really really wanted to compete!!! I cannot wait to be able to get in the water again...never thought I would miss swimming...
JR and I are moving to Phoenix the end of April. Just in time for summer, but we sure will enjoy the nice all year round training!!!
Hopefully I will find a swim team and great training partners.


Michelle Simmons said...

Ugh! Sorry about the bike crash. Sucks!

I used to live in Phoenix... there are lots of great masters teams there (or at least there used to be. :)

Anonymous said...

Yuck, sorry about the stitches :(

Yes we have lots more swim options down here than you do in Flag! The Sun devil masters are great, especially the 5:30am crew at Cactus pool. The best one is Brophy Aquatics masters. But it's a bit pricey and farther away!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Oh my gosh - I am SO glad that you're okay!! That could have been much worse - yikes!!!! Recover well! And I always feel 10X WORSE 2-4 days after a crash than that first day... Delayed onset muscles soreness, I suppose....

Maybe a rittersport would help...? ;)

Feel better asap!!