Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to work

10 days of no swimming...7 days of no riding...=a lot of free time.

I am so excited. The stitches are out, I am patiently waiting 24 hrs until the little holes close, and I will be back in the pool tonight. Off course still taped up, so that the scap can really heal, but at least something :-)

Yesterday was the first ride where I had no pain bending my knee and on top of that it was a beautiful day in Flagstaff.

It is amazing how much time you have in theevening if you don't swim Master's from 5:30 until 7 pm...

But I am ready to get back into serious training. No tempo for the last 10 days makes you feel SLOW!!!

On the other hand, I am really thankful that it only took 10 days-there are a lot of things that take you out for WAY longer and I was really lucky!!!

JR and I are driving down the hill to look at houses tomorrow. I hope we find something we like in a good location (aka close to a pool and a track :-).

4 weeks until the move.

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teri twarkins said...

I can't imagine what you did with all of your time!!