Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I love my team!!!

Escape to Phoenix # 4 (or so):

Saturday was a great day. Drive to Sedona to get some riding and running miles in: 20 min run followed by a 1.5 hr ride, followed by a 30 min run. It was beautiful. Pam and I discovered a great trail to run on and also some great streets!!!

After the ride JR and I went straight to Phoenix for the San Tan Crit. We actually had a lot of women registered for the race:-)

As always (not sure how this happens) JR and I ran little bit late. 25 min before my start we arrived at the race. I ran to registration, ran back, put on my jersey and had to go to the start line. Nice warm up.

Allsports GPS AZ Women's racing (aka the Tribe team) was great. The plan was to attack and attack and attack. The third attack was mine. Somehow I managed to get away by myself and the gap grew and grew. My teammates did a great job of staying back (I know it is the hardest thing to do in a race to do the minimum amount to work...especially with this team...there are soooo many strong ladies!!!).

I ended up racing 33 out of 45 min by myself. My head was about ready to explode, but I kept reminding myself that the other teams have to work as hard as me just to catch up. I was very happy to hear "5 laps" to go. All of the sudden, on the last lap I saw the field in front of me-could I possibly lap them? Why not try:-) I ended up lapping them before the last turn onto the finish. It was sooooooo much fun (but also very painful!!!).

My team is just GREAT!!! I am so excited to race a lot more races with them.

We decided to drive back up to Flagstaff instead of racing on Sunday because the forecast said it would rain (or snow up here).

This was the first Sunday in a long time where we stayed at home. It was wonderful...caught up on a lot now.

Next week we are racing at the Tucson Bicycle Classic, a 3 day stage race. The week after that is the Lake Havasu Triathlon-first Tri of the season!!! I can't wait!!!

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