Monday, August 3, 2009

Food cravings

Everyone has them. Athletes tend to have them more often and randomly.

Saturday group ride. Food is the topic. This time chinese-yum yum yum. Pam and I decide we are turning our cravings into reality-Chinese night!!! Homemade.

It was great. We had a delicious dinner sitting outside all evening. AND we got everything we wanted: Grilled Sesame Soy Chicken, Tempura veggies and shrimp, Shrimp and Beans with Garlic Ginger Sauce, Rice with Peas and Green Onion, Wine AND Beer.

We were unable to move after that dinner. It was sooooooooooo good. We made better Chinese Food then you can get at a Chinese Restaurant!!! And we knew exactly what went into the food which is often a mystery at a restaurant.
Then the next morning it was time to harvest the Apricots from our Apricot tree (full of Vitamins, good for skin, eyes, ...the list goes on - learned that from my Mama!!!). They were a lot smaller then the ones you can buy in a store. I decided the store bought ones are all on steroids:-)

After cleaning and cutting they got cooked:

And canned. I have Apricot jam for the next year :-) And that was only 1/3 of the harvest from the tree. What am I going to do with the rest of it?

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