Monday, July 27, 2009

Phoenix is not so bad after all...

if you get to stay in an airconditioned house all day :-)

Last week, I spend 2 days in Phoenix. HOT!!! As a nice wife, I came to Phoenix with JR, because he had some work to do. We left Flagstaff early in the morning and it got up to 100 degrees in no time. There was no time to drop me off first, because Phoenix is huge, and it would have taken 1 hr to drive me where we stayed from where we were at the moment. So I was in and around the car for about 5 hrs - in around 100 degrees!!!
After JR brought me to the place we were staying at we found out that the AC was broken and only worked went down 1 degree per hour...and the next morning it went up 1 degree per hour again...

WOW-HOT!!! I was grumpy.

All I could think off was: I am never coming to Phoenix again unless it is for racing.

1 week later:
I am back :-) JR had to do some more work and I decided to come with him again. This time, we left at night, so I would be at the house when JR goes to work. I have enjoyed every second of it and spend all morning at the OUTDOOR 50 m pool...some aquajogging, then swimming. Back to the apartment, lunch, nap. Now back to the pool. IT IS GREAT!!! The water feels so good when it is 107 degrees outside.

So maybe Phoenix isn't that bad after all. You just have to make it work. Feels kind of like a beach vacation now, with the beach and the water being the pool and the deck.

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