Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fixing flats

The wheel I have been riding makes some really squeeky noises...after about 4 weeks of training with it and probably "keeping everyone around me entertained" it was time to ride a different
wheel. The only other one I found in the garage that was free (aka not on any of the bikes) was one that has had a flat for some time. Time to fix it. Thanks to my sponsor GENUINE INNOVATIONS it was not a problem at all. Today I used the GLUELESS PATCH KIT. It is so easy!!! So now I decided instead of carrying a tube around with me I will just take the tiny kit, my CO2 and the inflator and I am set.

Ready to go I enjoyed the beautiful day with NO smoke from wildfires in the air (yesterday was a day on the trainer, because it was so smokey-fire 13 miles out of town).

I am slowly getting ready for the second half of my race season, which will consist of the Skull Valley RR this weekend, the Nathan's Triathlon in Phoenix, Longhorn 70.3 and some more.

I am really excited for the remaining season but can't believe that it is almost September and that the season is almost over.

Off to go running now.

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Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Good luck with the second half - yea!! It will be super ! :)

Humph - not a fan of flats! The WORST was when I managed to hit a giant rock with both the front and back wheel about three minutes away from my house. The front tire exploded and the back was flat by th time I pulled over. Not the kind of start that you want for a 4 hour ride :) I could have used your quick patch kit then!