Monday, August 3, 2009

Pool closure-what to do?

Flagstaff is a great place to train. One of the greatest in the world.

BUT: there is only one swimmable pool here. The NAU Pool. And every year the pool gets closed for cleaning at one point. This time it is the 2 weeks before Elite Nats. What to do? The plan was to swim a lot before it closes, which I did-so far.

This morning: Alarm goes off. Grumpy...grrr...too early...BUT I am a dedicated athlete and I GO. Get to the pool, change into my swimsuit. The guy checking the water goes: "I would not go in there." I say:"Aehhh, OK." I keep walking towards the water-I will swim. About 5 people have already started swimming. I am ready to go in. Then: the Chemist guy comes running (which means a lot, because I have never seen him running, and there are signs saying NO RUNNING all over).

He waves at us and says:" Noone go in there. Get those people out."

He said the measurements showed that there was NO chlorine in there, which equals Bacteria heaven.

I was so glad I didn't jump in yet. He also said it must have been like this since Friday (I swam twice after that).

So I went back home and did dryland exercises, which I know already, will make me way more sore then swimming.

They are shocking the pool which will take some time and then it closes-GREAT. I am not sure where I will swim. My friend mentioned that Sedona has a stream where you can swim against the current. Like a natural endless pool. I will definately try it!!!


Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! That sucks about the pool :( I would say come down to Phoenix to swim... but our pools are 90 degrees and not that much fun either.

I am very impressed with your cooking skills too! That apricot jam looks amazing.

Anyways, you are going to ROCK Elite Nationals!!!!!

And I will be putting together my fall/winter racing schedule after Canada... but I am thinking some bike racing might be a good idea!

Beth said...

ARGHHH!!! I hate when pools close. Mine is closing on August 22nd for 2 weeks and I am already dreading it. I shouldn't complain though because there is another pool I can use...but it's 30 minutes away instead of 5. :)

Maybe I will meet you in Alabama! Yeah! :)