Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Swim, swim and swim

My foot has been bothering me since Boise :-( BUT: I can finally focus on getting faster in the water. Currently I am swimming every day. Monday evening, Tuesday morning, Wednesday evening, Thursday morning, Friday evening and Saturday morning are the tough ones...back to back within 24 hrs. But I already feel a lot stronger in the water. Yippie!!!

Also I have been riding my bike a lot. Monsoon season is starting so I have to go out in the morning and then I can spent the afternoon watching movies and napping-MY FAVOURITE!!!

The Boulder Peak Triathlon is still a questionmark, but I probably won't go. I love to race, but I don't like to race when I can't give 100 %, and with taking some time off of running I believe the smarter thing to do is to stay at home.

Startin to plan the rest of the season this week and also planning the 2010 season. So far I am planning on competing in more ITU races (Pan American Cup races), and pick 2 or 3 70.3 races to compete in. My goal is to increase my speed over the shorter distance, because from my experience as a runner for many years I know that you always end up doing longer stuff when you get older. Therefore getting fast comes first :-)

Bed time. The alarm will go off for morning swim practice sooner then I would like. Hahaha - I love sleeping :-)

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Beth said...

Hope your foot feels better soon! Sounds like you are making very good use of your time with swimming/cycling though! :)