Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't throw the fish at the camel :-)

My friend Pam and I ride and run together every once in a while. I don't drink a lot of water during my workouts and sometimes it happens that I run 10 to 12 miles without any water. Or I ride for 3 hours and only one bottle is empty. So she looked at me the other day and went: I think you must be partially camel!!! :-)

Then last week, after Boise, we decided to go swim in Lake Mary again. We swim, it was a nice day and just for once I was not super freaked out about fish. So I swim, look forward and see: A FISH!!! He was dead, but I swam around Pam, hiding behind her and yelled: FISH!!! AHHHH!!! She is a fish biologist, so she grabbed it to check out if it is freshly dead or if some disease killed it. I was in shock :-) How funny...about a fish :-) She wanted to show me that the fish was cute and held it in my direction. For some freak out reason all I could say was: Don't throw it at me!!!

We laughed about this for some time after the swim: why would she throw it at me? What the heck was I thinking? And I decided: I HAVE to get rid of this fish fear :-) Yeah, right!!!

I was planning on racing the Tour de Nez Stage Race in Reno the week after Boise, but I had an appointment to get fingerprinted on Wednesday and the race started on Thursday. No way I could drive the 13 hr drive and do good. And the fingerprinting took until the afternoon. I am glad that is over with now. There were no cellphones allowed in the building, JR dropped me off and was already I had to hide my cellphone downtown Phoenix, in a really bad area, behind a garbage can :-) I am glad it was still there when I got back.

After I was done I called JR to pick me up and waited on a curb. This car pulled up and a girl in a short dress, showing a lot of skin and a guy with gold around his neck, asked me if I needed a ride!?!?!?!? WTF??? NO!!! I don't need a ride!!! Especially not from, what I am 100 percent sure, was a pimp and a hooker :-) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I have been taking some time off of running since Boise because my foot has been bothering me. Grrr...injuries...but it is OK. That is part of being an athlete. I will focus on swimming (yippie!!! trying to swim about 7 times a week) and do a lot of long rides. It has only been a week, but I miss running!!!

It is just so easy, you just grab your running shoes and need to pump up tires, check stuff out, go at least an hour or it doesn't make sense to go out :-) Or drive or bike to the pool, jump in the cold water, take a shower. Running is just easy!!! I like it!!!

So hopefully only about one more week and I am back to doing all 3. Until then I will play camel and play with the fishies.

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