Thursday, July 9, 2009


That is all I have to say.

No, off course there is more. I love this sport, or actually all 3.

Today was a morning swim and a bike. I am getting better at doing the back to back swims (evening and morning), which hopefully means that I am imroving. I think my swimming econonomy is slowly getting better and I can do more kilometers faster, without more pain.
I actually managed to take a 2 hr nap before 11 AM today :-) Then I went out for a bike ride, refreshed and refueled. Biking has been great too. I have taken Mr. Cherry out a lot lately.

I really love him :-)
Flagstaff and AZ have been really good to us lately. The Monsoon season normally starts the beginning of July, which means that you can not go outside without getting wet after 12. Today I went out for the ride at cloud in sight (I know that this is actually bad because of the water shortage...but...nice for athletes...selfish).

I am planning on doing some cycling races, in Utah and Colorado. They are great practice for triathlon and make you so much stronger.

Tomorrow is another morning swim and then an open water swim, and after that an evening aqua jogging session - yes, I will be in the water for about 4 hrs tomorrow...poor skin...

On Sunday it might happen: I might enter my first swim meet!!! Starting off the blocks, sprinting,...all inclusive. I am excited, even though I will get my butt kicked. This will only make me want IT more.

I looked in the garden this morning, watching my plants and here is what I found: my eggplant is blooming. I had no clue they have such pretty flowers!!! Can't wait to get fruit on there :-)


Beth said...

Whoo-hooo is right! :) Good luck with your swimming/cycling races!

Courtenay said...

i admire anyone who has the patience for a garden. and who can grow an eggplant - MMMMM!!!!!