Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May happenings

May happenings...

Positive and negative. 

Negative first: I injured my foot somehow and am now baby - ing my foot with ice and rest and PT. Running is my favorite thing to do because it is just so on and go. Anywhere. Nothing else needed!!! I think it happened during the last storm we had in Phoenix. I ran 11 miles, and after 5 this crazy rain storm started. I ran back having to jump a lot because by now all the streets were flooded. I think I probably landed wrong and crrrrrc, there it is. Injury.

Positive: Thanks to the best PT's...ENDURANCE foot is getting better and better. The problem is the cuboid. It did not like the jumping. The Endurance Rehab PT's are amazing. All of them are so passionate about their work. I think every single PT there has now evaluated my foot...even after bike rides. They are not afraid of stinky, sweaty feet. They are just interested in getting their patients better. 

OK, moving on to pictures. Jack and I drove to Las Vegas to visit JR (3 weeks of Vegas work for him), Friday am drive there, Tuesday morning drive back (followed by going to work immediately). 5 hrs of driving, but very worth it. It feels like a mini weekend vacation. Jack is always exhausted after driving for such a long time because he is surfing for 5 hrs. He refuses to sit down. He wants to check out the scenery :-) So this is what he did all weekend long:


On the Vegas strip: Horse police!!! If it wouldn't be for all the lights and water that they use, I think Vegas would be an environmentally friendly city ;-)
Notice: no tail lights!!! And a car is flying right by her...they actually pulled a car over on their horses!!!

Anniversary food :-) JR and I have been married for 3 years now!!! 5/5/09 Off course there was more food involved in our anniversary dinner, but it was gone by the time I had the idea to take a picture of it.

The next morning I got to test out my Paparazzi skills. This is the airport...and there is smoke...I hope this is not an.......
...luckily not. It was a bunch of wooden stuff that was on fire. But I bet they had to shutdown the airport for a while.

Driving back from Vegas. Even though there is NOTHING is still beautiful. The desert is so unique...and really pretty during flowering season aka spring!!!

Back home. Jack and his new toy. He was so happy to get out of the car!!!

My garden: a nice relaxing hobby between training, school and work. Everything is loving the temperatures. Here are: Melon, Bell Pepper, Tomatoes and Strawberries. The Tomatoes are getting so big that I need to built poles for them. And how do they hold those heavy tomatoes up? I will figure it out :-) I have about 40 tomatoes (the fruit not the plant) growing and growing and growing...


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